This is a special invitation to Kyoto for the Hoteliers around the world seeking top-quality properties.

Kyoto, one of the world's most famous tourist destinations that holds over 1,200 years of history with many world heritage sites.
There is a saying in the city of Kyoto that goes, "No first-time customers." This means that no matter how much money you offer, there will be no business done with a first-time customer. Although this can be interpreted as something that indicates the exclusive nature of the people of Kyoto, it can also be viewed as an stance that attaches importance to trust over profit and losses. This allows Kyoto to preserve and pass on the culture it has cultivated throughout its long history.
Even for real estate transactions, Kyoto will not easily allow non-locals to move in. Although the common practice is to widely distribute information so that real estate transactions can be done faster and with better conditions, Kyoto is a special region characterized by the fact that these business dealings are typically done behind the scenes through acquaintances. This is especially true in the central part of the city.

Within this, our company has carried out more than 300 real estate transactions. Many of these have been commercialized as Kyomachiya (Traditional Wooden Townhouses) and for hotel development. This number is impressive within this exclusive Kyoto, and it can be said that our company has bought and sold the most real estate here in central Kyoto.
We currently operate most of the hotels we have developed by ourselves, but due to the effects caused by the prolonging of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many of our Kyomachiya inns and hotels were damaged, and there were cases where some of these facilities were sold.

However, unlike other investment properties such as buildings and condominiums, hotels and ryokan inns exhibit their value as a profitable investment only through advanced operations. Therefore, we have decided to leverage our strength of being able to operate our own company to introduce a portion of our properties for sale to hoteliers (hotel owners) around the world. In order to be of use to those interested in investing in Kyoto, we will not only show properties, but also provide a wide range of financial services such as income and expenditure, taxes, and the like. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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